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Drug-Free Ways of Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Drug-Free Ways of Dealing with Dental Anxiety

If you want to save money - and who doesn’t these days? - one of the worst ways you can do it is by avoiding the dentist. Really. Regular cleanings and exams are crucial for preventing the need for more dental care. They’re right up there with home hygiene and eating...

A New Weapon Against Oral Infection: Structured Silver

Even after you’ve brushed and flossed, your mouth is home to hundreds of species of bacteria. Many of them are helpful. Others contribute to decay, gum disease, and other oral infections. Maintaining good dental health is largely about encouraging the good microbes...

Scared of the Dentist? 3 Ways to Calm Dental Anxiety

If the idea of going to a dental appointment reminds you of a scene from Little Shop of Horrors, you’re not alone. Some 60 million Americans avoid dental visits because of fear. Even among those who do make their appointments, an astonishing 82% say they have dental...

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