How We’re Providing Natural Dentistry Safely in the Age of COVID-19

While some folks remain concerned about going to the dentist from fear of exposure to COVID-19, the truth is that getting the dental care you need – including regular cleanings and exams – is crucial to supporting your overall health and well-being.

Because we’ve been practicing mercury-safe dentistry for years here at Fremont Natural Dentistry, our office has long had strict protocols and advanced technology to protect patients – and ourselves! – from exposure to all manner of toxins. This includes top-of-the-line air filtration systems, dental aerosol vacuums, respiratory grade masks, protective gowns, and face shields.

We have added a hand-sanitizing station for patients to use before entering the treatment area and continue to use ozonated water for rinsing during your procedure. (This powerful antimicrobial helps keep our water lines clean, too!)

In line with CDC recommendations, everyone on staff now has a daily health check including no-touch temperature readings and symptom screening. Each team member has also completed special training on working with patients safely during this ongoing pandemic.

Those recommendations also change what you can expect before and during your next visit with us.

  • You’ll check-in from your car. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to seat you. 
  • Don’t wear gloves. We’ll ask you to sanitize your hands once you enter the office. 
  • You’ll be asked to fill out a quick health questionnaire and consent form and get a no-touch temperature check.
  • Before treatment, you’ll rinse with ozonated water.
  • You’ll be asked to maintain as much social distancing as possible during your time with us.

These changes help ensure the highest level of safety and stress-free care throughout your visit.

These times are also a good reminder that a healthy mouth and a healthy body are your best line of defense against illness. So do keep up your home hygiene, healthy eating, and other positive habits, but also remember the value of a regular dental checkup. Far more than just a professional cleaning, it’s an opportunity for us to check for any emerging problems and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your oral/systemic health.

Contact us now to request your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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