Ozone & Hydrogen Therapy

Two versatile treatments are also invaluable in tending to our patients’ mouth/body health needs at Fremont Natural Dentistry: ozone therapy and hydrogen therapy.
Ozone & Hydrogen Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Think of ozone as a kind of supercharged oxygen. While the oxygen you breathe is made of two atoms of oxygen joined together (O2), ozone is made of three (O3). That third oxygen atom makes the molecule unstable – but that also makes it prone to attach to parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pollutants, interfering with their function.

This makes ozone a powerful disinfectant, even as the oxygen helps improve blood flow and enhance the immune and healing responses. Administered as a gas, it can reach areas in the mouth that are otherwise inaccessible, including the dentinal tubules, accessory root canals, and periodontal pockets.

Dental ozone can be used to kill decay-causing bacteria or help harden compromised tooth structure, effectively eliminating tooth sensitivity. Surgical sites can be thoroughly disinfected.

And because ozonated water runs through our water lines, it ensures that those lines stay absolutely clean.

Hydrogen Therapy

Just as ozone is a particular form of oxygen, therapeutic hydrogen is a particular form of hydrogen. It’s made by dissolving hydrogen gas (a/k/a molecular hydrogen, in which two hydrogen atoms are bound together) in water, just as carbon dioxide can be dissolved in water to create fizzy carbonated water.

Molecular hydrogen’s antioxidant powers are key to its effectiveness, countering the effects of oxidative stress and reducing inflammation. Other research suggests it may be protective of cellular health, although much research remains to be done in these areas.

The gas is simply inhaled through a nasal cannula. From your lungs, it enters your bloodstream to be carried to every cell of your body so its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties can get to work.

Right now, we use hydrogen therapy mainly as a support for recovery from oral surgeries of all kinds, from simple extractions to cavitation surgeries. The results we’ve seen thus far in our patients have been excellent. No doubt, we’ll be expanding our use of hydrogen therapy as time goes on – one more tool for supporting our patients’ oral and whole body health gently and biocompatibly.

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