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Just Saying “No” to Dental Mercury – a Progress Report

Just Saying “No” to Dental Mercury – a Progress Report

You know how we mentioned that the pace of progress toward getting mercury out of dentistry seemed to be picking up? (If you didn’t, you can read about it here. Don’t worry. We’ll wait for you.) It may be getting even faster. Recently, the European Union voted to ban...

“Silver” Fillings Aren’t OK for Everyone, Says FDA

Mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry has been the norm in our office for years. Why use a neurotoxic material to fix decayed or damaged teeth when the biocompatible materials available today are stronger and more durable than ever - and create a more natural-looking...

It’s Mercury-Free Dentistry Awareness Week

Although more dental offices these days are mercury-free like ours, the unfortunate truth is that most American dentists still place amalgam fillings – restorations that are 50% mercury, a known (and potent!) neurotoxin. According to a survey published earlier this...